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Albaddad Prefab

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Why Us?

  • Efficient and rapid assembly process helps meet deadlines when building prefabricated / modular units;
  • Accessible also for unskilled labors to assemble/dismantle;
  • AlBaddad's hourly production capacity is up to 30 Unit/Day
  • Efficient, affordable designs that can be tailored for any requirements;
  • Our prefab and modular methods offer optimal space solution within given time and budget;
  • Perfect for modular / prefab remote villages, on-site offices, accommodation, ablution blocks, houses, cabins, classrooms or education facilities, relief or military camps, and low rise retail buildings.

Who we are

AlBaddad Prefab is a proud member of AlBaddad Holding. Our company is specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing a fully-equipped, furnished and ready to move-in prefab housing building.

AlBaddad Prefab entitles customers with quick and effective response time for their demands. We provide reliable, highly finished products which are designed to be easily assembled without the use of skilled labors.

Our projects range from security cabins, mobile caravans, construction site offices, military camps, oil & gas solutions, refabricating containerized units, warehouse or storage, education and sports and many more. Albaddad Prefab main goal is to provide the ideal solutions for our clients.

Our Services

  • Manufacturing and Production.
  • Reinstallation and Assembly Service
  • Delivery.
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